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Humpback whales live in oceans across the globe and can be seen in shallow water. Generally, these whales live and travel together in pods upwards of 20,000 whales.

Our beautiful sea around Puerto Rico is blessed with many amazing sea creatures you must see and enjoy before leaving the Island owner-led trips Humpback whales visit our ocean in the winter time, and every winter, humpback whales join us for a 2-3 month period to rest, mate, and care for their young before heading back to colder waters. . We will take you on an adventure to the best whale watching spots in the Island, you might even enjoy watching Pilot whales, dolphins, on rare occasions  sperm whales and whale sharks as well. So bring your camera and video equipment and be prepared for the highest quality experience. Our waters are warm and extremely clear, so you can see them even underwater, we make sure the marine life is not harrased in any way.

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