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Types of Fishing Charters

All our trips include all fishing gear according to the type of fishing trip, refreshments, and we can include for additional price anything extra you might need. Please call or text us; (787) 579-8150 or email us at with your particular needs and wishes, we will be very happy to make your dream fishing trip come true.

Blue Water Hunting Spearfishing Charters 


Hunting after pelagic fish like tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, in the warm clear waters of Puerto Rico, we go to pinnacles, drop offs and deep blue water not too far from shore. Often we see dolphins, whales, whale sharks, sea turtles and other beautiful sea creatures while on blue water.

Reef Spearfishing Trips

Spearfishing is the only true selective art of fishing, were you take only what is good to eat with the proper and legal size of  fish, we have many spots from shallow for the begginers to deep for the experts, beautiful sea bottoms with lots of marine life on the coral reefs.

Jigging trips
The new Japanesse kind of fishing putting a jig in deep waters and moving it up to the surface in a way that imitates an injured bait fish,ituses special short jigging rods and reels with spectra lines ,beautiful jigs and  you fish the deep bottom,mid water and surface with this kind of fishing, all species and it’s a lot of fun, this is whats new and hot right now.

Tarpon/snook lagoon fishing 


Tarpon and snook fishing in the lagoon, have the time of your life watching how the majestic silver king jumps out of the water , and you can see them rolling on the surface before they bite and you are in for a fight. 

Lion Fish Hunting Adventure


We have a plague of lion fish that are not indigenous to our water,they have no natural predators in our waters,  as an eco-friendly fishing business, we make numerous trips to hunt this predator; we support nature and have lots of fun doing it by hunting this fish. 


Light tackle fishing 


Light tackle fishing for species like jacks, mackerals, snapper, groupers, king fish, and all kind of bottom dwellers.





*We also offer Private Snorkeling trips



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