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All types of fishing charters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Spearfishing, jigging, tarpon, lion fish, ect...
Tarpon trip
Roberto Reyes
Blue Water Hunting  Charter
Spearfishing Puerto Rico (Rob)
Jigging trip
Spearfishing reef trips
Freediving Clinics Puerto Rico
Freediving Clinics
Freediving Clinics Puerto Rico
Blue water trips
Roberto's last world record
Spearfishing trips
Reef spearfishing trips
Eric Young Animal PlanetSpearfishing
Sea Horses Crashboat Beach PR
Private Snorkeling Trip
Roberto Reyes Black Marlin
Whale Watching PR
Lion Fish Hunting Trip
Our favorite out to sea snack
Marisela De Jesus
Tarpon Crashboat PR
Spearfishing Puerto Rico Ernest
Spearfishing Puerto Rico
Lion Fish Seminar
Fresh Ceviche Made @Sea
Teaching how to make Ceviche
Spearfishing Puerto Rico
Lion Fish Hunting Trips Puerto Rico
Fresh Homemade Ceviche
Private Snorkeling Trip Culebra
Spearfishing PR Female Record
Blue Water Trip PR
Dolphins PR
Freshly made Sushi/ Yellowfin Tuna
Spearfishing Puerto Rico
Spearfishing Puerto Rico Eric Young
Spearfishing Puerto Rico
Reef spearfishing
Reef PR
Private Snorkeling Trip PR
Isabel's First Mahi PR Freedivers
Fishing Trips
Spearfishing and Freediving Clinics

Learn to catch your own fish~ stay underwater minutes without a tank- spear your prey- enjoy nature at sea!!

We offer Freediving Clinics, Spearfishing Clinics, Blue Water Hunting trips, Spearfishing trips, Jigging trips, Tarpon/snook lagoon trips and much more. Check out our photo gallery of some of the hundreds of satisfied customers we have served below. 

 Our freediving clinics are 3 days long, one pool day two open water days. Includes: safety ,theory ,static apnea ,dynamic apnea, constant weight, variable weight, free immersion, gear orientation, physics ,physiology. Check out below a brief video of our freediving clinics:

We also sell spearfishing and freediving gear. Call to order (787) 579-8150

We are open everyday

Monday- Sunday from 7am- 6pm

Call for reservations, we offer rates and times to suit your budget and schedule. 

Capt. Roberto Reyes (787) 579-8150

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